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Engaging with Veteran Talent, is a powerful reference for employers seeking to source, hire, onboard and develop Veteran talent. By the year 2023, estimates indicate that 3.5 million Veterans will be active in the civilian workforce. Savvy employers are planning the programs to attract and capture the contributions of this valuable employee base.

Many employers struggle with navigating military terminology, adapting military skills and experience to civilian careers, and leveraging the character qualities of a veteran into their company culture. This book addresses those issues and other common employer questions:
  • What are the business reasons for hiring Veterans?
  • How do I get started hiring Veterans?
  • Where are all the Veterans?
  • How do I retain Veteran employees?
Engaging with Veteran Talent will educate, inform, and empower your team to make great decisions around Veteran hiring. Get your copy today!

$25.95 + Shipping

“Simply the best book to read before you talk to a Veteran job applicant, attend a military career fair, or engage with Veterans. Yes, it’s that good!”
- Eddie Dunn | Director of Military & Veterans Affairs, Marsh & McLennan

“This is the field guide to hiring and retaining Veterans. Before building your Veteran Program, save yourself hundreds of hours and the headache of reinventing the wheel by reading this book!”
- Diana Tsai | CEO and Co-Founder, Veterati

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Each of us can live a life of purpose. In 2009, I learned that I possess the ability to serve military veterans transitioning into meaningful civilian careers. In this TEDx Talk, I’ll show you how to discover your purpose and lead with intention! Click Here To Watch my TEDx Talk »

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